edorbit, our dynamic e-learning app, recently clinched a remarkable victory at SRMU Awasar – The Business Conclave 2K22, winning the first prize of Rs 11,000. Er. Pooja Agarwal Ma’am’s recognition adds prestige, emphasizing our commitment to revolutionize education with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The unexpected win speaks volumes about edorbit’s dedication, innovation, and the transformative power of AR in education.


“Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much”

Our team edorbit is filled with enthusiast people who together participate and make any situations under their favor. In a captivating event, the spotlight shines on edorbit (a smart e-learning app), secures a remarkable victory in the SRMU Awasar – The Business conclave 2K22, organized by SHRI RAMSWAROOP MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY. The recent recognition, presented by Er. Pooja Agarwal Ma’am adds a touch of prestige to edorbit’s journey into the future of education.  We are delighted to inform you that we won the first prize of Rs 11,000.

edorbit’s AR Breakthrough – A Game-Changer in event

As edorbit steals the show in the education technology world, everyone is amazed by how well Augmented Reality (AR) fits into education. At the event, we revealed our groundbreaking tech, it amazed everyone, hinting at the incredible changes it could bring. It was something new to everybody, the technology of AR in field of edtech, which brought everyone’s attention towards us.

The chief guests and judges

Er. Pooja Agarwal Ma’am awarding the prize shows how much respect edorbit has earned. This emphasizes how important our work is for the future of education. Her acknowledgment adds weight to the significance of our contribution, setting the stage for a new era in educational technology.

Millind Raj Sir, who is also known as the ‘Drone Man’, was there too. His title ‘Drone Man’ was awarded by Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Kalam. He graced the occasion, by bringing a unique perspective as an inventor. His curiosity and enthusiasm for our vision added an extra layer of validation, emphasizing the revolutionary impact of the organization’s AR technology. He was very impressed and curious to know how we are going to proceed. Along with that, he also liked our vision and appreciated us for our work. He strongly believed that such innovations could bring a healthy change in the society.

Millind Raj sir

Milind Raj Sir

The Drone Man

Er. Pooja Agarwal

Er. Pooja Agarwal

Co-Founder & AED SRMU

Sudhanshu Mishra

Sudhanshu Mishra

CEO A S R Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Ankush Arora

Ankush Arora

CEO HashTag Bazaar

Ankush Arora, the CEO of HashTag Bazaar, also exhibited a keen interest in edorbit, highlighting the industry’s recognition of the organization’s initiatives in the edtech sector. His presence showed that people outside of education are noticing how cool edorbit’s ideas are.

The unexpected win that followed surprised everyone, catching both the team and the audience off guard. We won the first prize of Rs 11,000. The unexpected victory speaks about edorbit’s dedication, innovative spirit, and the transformative power of AR in education. It showcased edorbit’s huge potential of AR in education.

The esteemed panel of judges, including Millind Raj, Sudhanshu Rastogi, and Ankush Arora, added depth to the evaluation process. Their diverse backgrounds brought a healthy perspective to the assessment, underlining the diverse impact of edorbit’s AR technology.


In conclusion, edorbit’s AR tech is gaining recognition and winning hearts. Our surprise win, along with insights from the judges, shows our dedication for making education awesome. The fusion of technology and education promises a compelling future for edorbit and its transformative impact on the educational landscape. With this tech, we are set for a fantastic journey, transforming how we learn. And we really look forward for bringing a healthy change to the society through our innovation.