Imagine a world where technology becomes the essential companion of every student and teacher, the very pen and paper of our time, shaping our experiences and knowledge. We team edorbit, fueled by this vision, begin a remarkable journey that would take us to new heights.

Our story begins with the Startup Conclave 2022, a pivotal moment for us, facilitated by the Centre for Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development (CIED), an incubator at Integral University, Lucknow. This event marked our first debut in the world of pitching competitions, and it changed our trajectory forever.

The Startup Conclave 2022 was a platform that brought startups face to face with industry experts and venture capitalists. It was held in collaboration with StartIn-UP, Punjab National Bank, SIDBI, NABARD, and Union Bank of India. The conclave featured an Inaugural Session where distinguished speakers from the world of entrepreneurship and startups shared their insights on a range of themes.

In this session Business Idea Pitching Competition, young and innovative minds pitched their unique ideas before an expert panel. Our startup stood out and claimed the first prize of β‚Ή25,000 in this highly competitive arena, proving our spirit among 12 selected teams. We were awarded the top prize by the director of CIED.

Team edorbit at Startup Conclave 2022
Team edorbit – Mr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Ms. Supriya Paswan, Mr. Sintu Kumar, was awarded the winning cheque by the director of CIED (Integral University)

Our journey was nothing short of an adventure. Equipped with just a prototype of our app, a concise 10-slide presentation, and an unwavering vision to transform education with cutting-edge technology, we faced a tough competition. We even found ourselves in a head-to-head battle with a participant from IIT Kanpur, who secured the second prize. The competition was fierce, but our presentation left judges and fellow participants in wonder, with many predicting our victory. And indeed, we clinched the first position.

One of the speaker Mr. Byomkesh Mishra (Founder, MEDHA), showed interest in our initiative, and seemed even more curious on the subject that how we’ll be revolutionizing the education system with the AR technology. He enquired in deep about our project. The other speakers of the event Ms. Aparna Mishra (Educationist & Philanthropist), Mr. Abhishek Tiwari (Advisor Emerging Tech and Startups, Government of Uttar Pradesh), Mr. Sachin Sahni (Founder & Owner, Keeros Foods), Mr. Manish Sinha (General Manager, SIDBI), Mr. Sudhanshu Rastogi (President, Vision Startups & CEO at ASR Ventures Pvt Ltd), appreciated our team. The event’s chief guest was Mr. Akhshay Tripathi (IAS), the Special Secretary of the UP IT & Electronics Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Startup Conclave 2022 Integral University

The victory was a testament to our relentless hard work and unwavering dedication. At that moment, we were overjoyed. We witnessed a remarkable pool of entrepreneurial talent and had risen above the tough competition.


In recognition of our achievement, Our team edorbit was offered free incubation support at CIED, providing us with the means to further develop and scale our startup. Our journey not only brought us a prestigious prize but also new connections with talented and hardworking individuals, who shared their passion for innovation.

Our journey was truly memorable and exciting, highlighting how dreams, hard work, and taking advantage of opportunities can lead to success in the world of startups and educational technology. We’re excited to see what’s next for our team edorbit, as it continue to make a positive impact on the future of learning.