We are absolutely thrilled to share that after two consecutive wins in Startup Conclaves, we got one more accomplishment at the HBTU Aarambh 2022 event, organized by the dynamic collaboration of StartinUP, Innovation Hub, and other vibrant communities. At this spectacular gathering of innovative minds, our team edorbit achieved a significant victory by clinching the top prize of Rs. 50,000 in the Prototype category.

Aarambh 2022

The HBTU Aarambh event saw participation from over 100 startups, which is a great achievement. It was inspiring to see so many young entrepreneurs come together and showcase their ideas. The event was covered by Amar Ujala, which is a leading newspaper in India. This is a great recognition of the event and the participants.
The primary event partners were Wadhwani Foundation, iCreate, TiE UP, Venture Catalyst, FICCI FLO, AKTU Innovation hub and many more.

Our Stall

The event was an exhilarating showcase of cutting-edge ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Our presence was marked by a vibrant stall that became a hub of attention. Visitors flocked to engage with our product, showing immense interest and sparking exciting conversations about its potential applications. The warmth and curiosity around our prototype were truly Refreshing.

Our Experience

StartinUP and Innovation Hub, integral members of the organizing committee, organized this fantastic event. Their commitment to nurture rising entrepreneurs and fostering innovation played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success. The community’s collaboration was clear: an exciting atmosphere and a diverse range of innovative ideas from 100+ startups.

The impact of the Aarambh event extended beyond its venue, capturing the attention of esteemed media outlets like Amar Ujala. This recognition highlights the event’s importance and showcases outstanding projects, including our winning prototype. edorbit’s journey in the realm of educational technology has always been about pushing boundaries and redefining the learning experience. Our win at HBTU Aarambh showcases our team’s dedication and relentless pursuit of innovative education solutions.

Edorbit wins Rs. 50,000

We achieved a stunning win, securing a prize of Rs. 50,000! The prestigious award was presented by the esteemed IAS Neha Jain Ma’am (Kanpur Dehat), acknowledging our team’s exceptional contribution in the field. This significant achievement is a testament to edorbit’s dedication and innovation in pushing the boundaries of education technology.

Team edorbit with Winning Cheque
Team edorbit with participants of Arambh 2022


We are incredibly thankful for this recognition, and it was a great experience for us.

Overall, the HBTU Aarambh event was a great success, and it showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. As we look ahead, fueled by this victory and the support of our community, we are excited to continue experimental transformative solutions that will shape the future of education. This victory is not just a climax of efforts, HBTU Aarambh 22 victory serves as a launching pad for us, pushing us forward with renewed strength and determination to explore new horizons and make a lasting impact in the domain of education technology.