We, the team at edorbit, an e-learning platform that revolutionize education sector, are thrilled to share our wonderful experience at a remarkable entrepreneurial event. The event dedicated to celebrating the spirit and achievements of women in business, was organized by PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK in celebration of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY dated March 8, 2023. We are proud to highlight the recognition and honor received by our founder, Supriya Paswan, at this prestigious gathering.

About the Event

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of the honorable chief guest, Padma Shri Dr. Vidya Vindu Singh, a renowned figure known for her contributions to society. Furthermore, some of the other women entrepreneurs also graced the great event. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and pride as women entrepreneurs from various sectors came together to share their stories and achievements.

PNB acknowledged the invaluable contributions of women entrepreneurs. They provided a platform for sharing and celebrating their inspiring stories. It was a grand affair marking International Women’s Day, reflecting the bank’s commitment to fostering an environment where women can thrive and succeed in business.

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: PNB Honors Trailblazers on International Women’s Day

The event was a grand celebration of the remarkable achievements of women in business. Meticulously curated to honor and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of women entrepreneurs, served as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration.

Gathering under one roof were trailblazers, visionaries, and change-makers, each embodying the spirit of resilience, innovation, and leadership. PNB’s commitment to championing women’s empowerment was evident throughout the event. This celebration showcased the transformative power of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and societal progress, highlighting the significant role women play in shaping a better future.

Recognition of Women Entrepreneurs

Central to the event was the recognition of women entrepreneurs who have not only dared to dream but have also turned their dreams into reality through sheer determination and grit. These pioneers, hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries, exemplify the limitless potential that resides within each woman. Their stories of overcoming challenges, breaking barriers, and achieving success resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring many to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. PNB’s recognition of these women underscores the importance of supporting and nurturing female talent in the business world.

Eventful Encounters at PNB’s Celebration

Among the distinguished awardees was Supriya Paswan, the visionary founder of edorbit. Her entrepreneurial journey epitomizes innovation and social impact. Supriya Paswan has leveraged technology to create an e-learning platform that revolutionizes the education sector, making quality education accessible to all. Her pioneering spirit and commitment to leveraging technology for societal good were celebrated at the event. Our founder Supriya Paswan was invited to share her entrepreneurial journey with the audience, highlighting the challenges she faced, the milestones she achieved, and her vision for the future of edorbit. Her story served as a powerful testament to the impact of female entrepreneurs in driving positive change and fostering innovation.


As we commemorate International Women’s Day, let us acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of women entrepreneurs like our founder, Supriya Paswan, whose passion, perseverance, and vision are driving positive change and shaping a brighter future for generations to come. The recognition and support from institutions like Punjab National Bank are crucial in empowering more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Punjab National Bank for championing the cause of women in entrepreneurship and recognizing our company founder as worthy of this prestigious award. Through events like these, we hope to inspire more women to break barriers, take risks, and make a lasting impact on the world.