We the team edorbit (a startup that aims to revolutionize the education sector with innovative solutions), are excited to share, our experience of attending the UP Global Investor Summit 2023. It was held in Lucknow from 10-12 February 2023.
Attending the event was a great thing for us. It was graced by eminent personalities from various sectors, including industry leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. The discussions were insightful, covering a wide range of topics from infrastructure development to sustainable growth.

About The UP Global Investor Summit 2023

The UP Global Investor Summit 2023 was a mega event that brought together global leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and experts. All at one place to discuss and showcase the potential and opportunities of Uttar Pradesh (one of the largest and populous states in India). Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the summit. They showcased the state’s achievements and vision in various sectors like infrastructure, agriculture, health, education, tourism, and more.

UPGIS 2023 had witnessed participation of more than 10,000 delegates (Domestic and International) from over 20 countries, generating widespread influence and as a result, served a unique forum for business networking, knowledge sharing and strategic partnerships by bringing together business leaders, political and economic dignitaries, entrepreneurs, & industry associates from across the world.

Our experience

Our Stall

Products and services were displayed by startups and companies from different domains in an exhibition area, which was a part of the summit. We were fortunate enough to be one of the participants. Representing edorbit under the AKTU’s Innovation Hub, StartinUP and IET’s incubation center (Navyug navchar foundation). It was a golden opportunity for us to showcase our product, which is a platform that connects students, teachers, and parents and provides personalized learning experiences and feedback. We got to interact with potential investors, customers, and mentors who gave us valuable feedback and suggestions.

Networking and exploration

In the event, we got the chance to explore more startups and companies that are working in edtech and other industries. It was amazing to have a productive talk on different ideas and methods. By talking to different personalities, we came to notice one common thing, that we all aim for an equitable and sustainable future.
We met many investors too, and thoroughly discussed about the emerging need and growth of our product. Many of them showed their interest in investing our product, which was encouraging for us. The event opened various opportunities for us. Such as, development and growth through multilateral cooperation, cross-border collaborations, bridge the knowledge gap between us and others and furthermore.

Recognition by Elites

IAS Alok Kumar

One of the highlights of the event was meeting IAS Alok Kumar, the Additional Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh. He visited our stall and appreciated our work. He tweeted about the event, this action of him was very encouraging and motivating for us. Since the event had the agenda of supporting and uplifting startups, given that his personal visit and advice boosted our confidence a lot, therefore it made us feel that we got uplifted to a new level already.

Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Another memorable moment was when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself, came to visit stalls and showed interest in different Initiations. We had a chance to get to know about his vision, about startups in UP. He assured all of us for his support and guidance, to help in our growth and success. Since he was one of the chief guests, moreover the one to inaugurate the event, hence it was an honor and a privilege for us to listen to him and get his blessings.

More in the Summit

Apart from presenting our product, we visited other stalls and got to know a lot of startups that are working on different problems in Uttar Pradesh itself. We were amazed by the diversity and innovation of the solutions that ranged from med-tech, edtech, e-commerce, drone technology, EV, beauty, and more. We learned a lot from them and in addition to that made some new connections and friends.

In this, 3 days long event we not only got to see different innovations and businesses ideas but also enjoyed a lot. On the other hand, it had many cultural and music events, that we enjoyed. At night, Music event was one such thing that gave relax to our sole, followed by the drone show. The Drone show was a main attraction of event, this not only amazed everyone but also got appraised a lot.


To sum up, we cherished the opportunity to actively participate in the UP Global Investor Summit 2023. We got to witness the state’s progress, potential and the government’s vision and commitment for the state’s development. Apart from this, we got to showcase our product, network with investors and peers, and gain exposure and recognition. We are grateful to the organizers, the sponsors, and the mentors. For giving us this opportunity and making it a memorable and fruitful event. In conclusion we hope to attend more such events in the future and contribute to the state’s and the nation’s growth and prosperity.